TurboChyll Energy Products
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TURBOCHYLL PRODUCTS represent's a nearly decade long commitment by Vito Costanza and Dominic DiDonna to introduce a "line" of Aftermarket Chiller Control System's dedicated exclusively for our owner clients. Owners that demand only the finest in offerings. With a "best of best" approach, our strategy included developing packages that were "true electric and steam chiller control products". Rather than adopting "programmable logic units" more typically found in industrial automation, or even HVAC chiller panels typically used in specific manufacturing applications, our approach would require the flexibility needed in the aftermarket sector. Built to permit field selection of varying manufacturers, refrigerant types, drives and even compatibility to future chiller restaging, the owner of a TURBOCHYLL PRODUCT can be assured the durability to any lifecycle plans.

Essentially... importing at design, a useful life service and support with the thoroughbred performance our clients have come to expect in the core business of Industrial Cooling ACS.

Decidedly selecting only the finest partners and Products, ICACS went out to establish-as one client perhaps best stated "brilliantly simple" control routines that would seek and find powerful energy returns. These strategies were to "then be overlaid" on Programmed Flash Cards for ease of importing into durable hardware products including OMRON processors and ifm efector sensing devices for the delivery of your TURBOCHYLL PRODUCT. Assembled with meticulous fit and documentation, the final installation is then skillfully afforded and of course serviced... by Industrial Cooling ACS.

Today, we have millions of dollars of installed product providing energy and operational performances beyond the Aftermarket Chiller Industry's every expectation!

Please feel free to review our many innovative TURBOCHYLL PRODUCT offerings.

"...I cannot speak highly enough of Industrial Cooling's knowledge, professionalism and overall attention to detail for my entire project. I cannot recommend highly enough"

~ Mr. Chris Gaudan, Engineering, Merck & Co. Inc., Lansdale PA

"not PURCHASING one for your chiller can get EXPENSIVE"!

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