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       Our now 20 plus years of market experience has provided us the opportunity to appreciate what works, what works best... and of course, what simply doesn't work. Although technical evolutions find efficiently powerful control strategies, enhanced heat exchange and optimized power products, the actual aftermarket service business has remained perfectly unchanged. Essentially, the understanding that the client demand...is the market focus. A simple "customer-first" approach that is thoughtfully embraced yet often overlooked.

       Committed to this end, ICACS remains an independent service provider, free of outside influences or biases that find limited offerings, and the "same old repair" approach. In today's competitive world, customers seek thought -provoked value from a service provider. A kind of "technical Darwinism" that demands innovative product offerings, and durable lifecycle solutions.

       Although we provide traditional repair and original manufactured parts offerings as well as unparalleled training processes, we remain committed to the future performance demand found through enhanced solutions. Through the privilege of independent thought, passion and enthusiasm for an industry, the people at ICACS promise the challenge of valued client offerings rather than just another routine repair.

        We thank you for your continued interest and support of ICACS, please find our assurance in every effort to meet or exceed your expectation!

Vito Costanza
Dominic DiDonna
Vice President     

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