Our Guiding Principles
Please find our personal commitment and shared sentiment from all of us here at ICACS and to these Guiding Principles
  • Establish a DECISION path personally and find confirmation to the appropriate level PROFESSIONALLY.

  • Embrace project OWNERSHIP to yourself, the client, your peers and The COMPANY.

  • Create an ATMOSPHERE where spirited thought, personal opinion and INNOVATION are openly WELCOME.

  • RESPECT the VALUE of your co-workers, those of the client, those of the Company and those of YOURSELF.

  • SEEK the best outcome from your projects, find the best solution, SHARE the "best of best" PRACTICE.

  • RECOGNIZE that our peers and co-workers, our vendors and customers, our family's and supporters are all STAKEHOLDERS whom count on each and every one of us- each day!

  • The spirit of respectful COMPETITION is healthy, presenting ourselves ethically and confidently defines the character of a WINNER.

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