TurboChyll WasteWell
The WasteWell Hotwell Level Control is intended to utilize minimum pumping energy by eliminating wasteful and intentional "recycle" control of condensate with full or constant pumping obligation using dated and often anti qualified mechanical level linkages and devices. The main components include the Three Way Recycle & Overboard Valve, the VSD Pump Motor the Hotwell Level Assembly and the graphic color Human Machinery Interface for all settings and monitoring.

The WasteWell strategy opts to find only an initial and absolute minimum of motor pumping obligation as found via the VSD Pump Motor. Here through the low pumping function, the condensate will intentionally accumulate in the Hotwell via the Hotwell Level Assembly setpoints. Such action shell influence the Recycle and Overboard Valve to the more efficient overboard region in an effort to now manage the rising level. The valve continues to function to minimize ANY wasteful recycle while maintaining minimum pumping costs and ideal levels. Only when the overboard valve is found at 100% opened with an increasing level, will further energy (pumping) be permitted at the VSD Pump Motor. Again a minded sense of energy is maintained with only a minimum of VSD pumping load applied to secure the level safe. Once the level and load is found secured, minimum motor pumping is once again resumed.

The WasteWell is fit with a last final output as a binary Fast Dump Output. This can be utilized when either large loads are introduced and means of capacity control must be negated or when conditions present that the well must be cleared. The same output may be fit to hi water alarm if desired.

Benefits & Features:
  • Energy Mindset Approach to Chiller Hotwells!
  • Fully Hermetic Stainless Steel 316 Level Tank with Sight Indicator
  • IFM Effector Guided Wave Radar Level Sensor Technology
  • "Push Button" Selection to Setpoint
  • No Complicated Parts, Floats or Antiquated Linkages
  • Safe Low DC Voltage
  • Fully Integratable to any Hotwell System
  • Omron CPU Processor
  • Benshaw VSD, Primary Hotwell Pump Control
  • Stainless Steel Analog 3way Valve, 0-10 VDC Actuator
  • High Level Alarm Contract
  • Secondary Pump Control Cabinetry
  • Nema12 Wash Down Cabinetry
  • Touchscreen Graphical Interface, Splashdown Safe

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