Professional Series Chiller Retrofit Cabinet
A RETROFIT Panel that is BIG on Performance, BIG on predictability yet small on TIME ... CentekPRO by TURBOCHYLL!

True PLC Industrial Automation ... NOT microprocessor based!
100% Low Voltage Swivel Cabled (m-12) Platform Connections, NO hardwiring and Screws!
No Programming, Laptop or Propriety Software Ever!
No Complicated Interface, Electrical Construction /Wiring & or Conduits Required!
No Field "Start-Up Complexities" and "Requirements"!

OMRON PLC Computer Process Unit With Memory Card!
All Industrial IFM Efector Sensors
All M12 Swivel-Type Cables Requiring NO Wiring Terminals
7" Color Maple Human Machinery Interface
Onboard Swivel-Type Mass Docking Station
Broad Range Single Source Sensors R-11, 123-R134-22
Enclosed Pressure Controls, Require No Field Mounting
100% Package Product Turn Key Start-up
Front Panel Configurable For ALL Refrigerants and Graphics

Centek Pro NEMA4-12Cabinetry
OMRON CJ12 CPU with Memory Card
IFM Efector Condenser Pressure Transmitter with Display Head
IFM Efector Evaporator PressureTransmitter with Display Head
IFM Efector Leaving Chiller Water Sensor Transmitter with Display Head
NEODYNE Industrial Enclosed Mounted Oil Pressure Safety with Bulkhead Connection
NEODYNE Industrial Enclosed Mounted High Pressure Safety with Bulkhead Connection
Beris Split Type Current Transformer 0-10 VDC / 1200A
Braided Stainless Condenser Tubing
Braided Stainless Evaporator Tubing
Braided Stainless Oil Pressure Tubing
All IFM Swivel Cabling
IFM Side Mount Swivel CABLE DOCKING Stations

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