TurboChyll LeeF Product Training and Education
TURBOCHYLL LEEF ®/MIN-e Introduction, Architecture & Set-Up
Field Service Engineer (FSE) & Owner/ Operator (OOP)

Flow and Pre-Swirl- Volume
Lift and Load (HEAD)-Resistance
Impact to Energy
Part Lift - Part Load Performance
Stall and Surge
HBR Oils in Refrigeration Charges
Nozzle Ratio's on Turbines
Exhaust Impact on Condensing Turbines
Considerations to Strategy & Control (Capacity)

OMRON Computer Process Control (CPU) Introduction
LEEF- MIN-e, exclusive Program Card Processor (PCP) , 2GB Memory Flash Card
LED Sensors and Industrial Automation, Scaling & Setpoints
Understanding Optimization Logic
Ifm efector Product and TURBOCHYLL Controls
Flow Chart of Components

MIN-e / LEEF® Student Selection of all Sensors and Transmitters
Mounting and Scaling
Downloading and Installing the LEEF®/ MIN-e exclusive PCP Flash Card
Scaling an ifm Pressure and Temperature Sensor for a TURBOCHYLL Product
Configuring the TURBOCHYLL LEEF®/ MIN-e
Starting and Functioning a TURBOCHYLL LEEF®/ MIN-e with (electric) VSD and CCD

Course Benefit and Target Audience
This Course will introduce Owner Operator Personal (OOP) and Field Service Engineers (FSE) with the Intent. Architecture and Function of the TURBOCHYLL Products including LEEF and MIN-e. The course is broken into two essential elements with early morning introducing Capacity Control and Chiller Optimization. The course moves rapidly into the Architecture and Selection methodology that were designed to have TURBOCHYLL Products be a leader as the only "true" Aftermarket (non proprietary) Chiller Control platform. Course participants will spend the final half day building, assembling and setting up a TURBOCHYLL Control Center. As a group selecting a chiller of choice-essentially "building a system" to their application, followed by the start up and commissioning of a functioning model VSD Compressor and Flow Device controlled in "Part Lift-Part Load" demonstration. This course relies primarily on strong fundamental knowledge of Chiller Operation, Theory and Capacity Devices and otherwise intended for ICACS FSE and OOP of TURBOCHYLL LEEF®/ MIN-e Control Systems.

Preferred Prerequisite
• ICACS FSE or OOP of TURBOCHYLL LEEF®/ MIN-e Control Systems.
• ICACS Centrifugal Chiller Fundamentals

    Date/Time and Location
• Industrial Cooling Inc. Training Center
  30 South Ocean Avenue Suite 304
  Freeport, NY 11520
• Thursday, February 28, 2013
• 7:30am to 4:30pm
• Continental Breakfast
• Instructors: V. Costanza,
                       M. Santonocito


This training course is $450.00 which is waived for OOP clients.

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